Saturday, July 10, 2010

High School Reunions-Good Idea?

Tonight my hubby and I are going to his 30th High School Reunion. He was initially excited, but now he's stressed out. He is the class historian and for the 20th, he made a website with links to classmates and it was fancy for the time. Now he's working on a streaming live video chat room and he's hoping it's going to work.

He was also obsessed about looking up classmates to see how they aged. I think my hubby has aged pretty well. It's the Asian blood in him. But he's shown me pictures of others that have not fared as well. This should make him feel better, but it worries him. I think he's expecting that all his hair is going to fall out by tonight. He wasn't that popular in High School, but in this age of technology, he has been able to catch up through social networking. This gives him info to start up conversations.

My hubby doesn't think he's accomplished anything since the last reunion. I agree with the comic above (Click it to make it larger). When we went to his 20th and my 10th, we had no children yet, so we showed everyone pictures of our dog, which was our baby at the time. They gave us pointers on how to have kids, which was hilarious. And of course a few years later we had our kidling. It was strange because at the reunion, people had 2, 3, even 7 kids already. We didn't win any contests, that's for sure. We may win for longest married, but who knows.

I'm just going to go with him tonight and observe. I'll take pictures and socialize and be supportive to the hubby. It helps that I know some people, but I can hold my own in these situations. I'm no wallflower!

The bottom line is this, if you want to go to your High School Reunion, go for it. Don't pretend to be something you aren't. Who cares if you gained a few pounds or losing your hair, just exude confidence and happiness and that will make you a success. Go Gondos!

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