Sunday, July 04, 2010

Chickenpox Anyone?

Happy 4th of July everyone! Sorry I missed Friday, but I got busy and had to take care of some stuff.

I was reading a blog that I follow called The Meanest Mom, and was amused and horrified at the madness that ensued after she posted an entry that said there was a case of chickenpox at her home and showed pictures of the Barbies and dolls with pink spots all over them.

She proceeded to be stalked by people wanting to bring their children to be exposed to the disease and were willing to travel to her for the opportunity!! People, are you kidding me?? First of all, it was a joke! Second of all, what kind of parents want to expose their kids to the agony of chicken pox?

I had the chickenpox when I was a teenager and it was one of the most traumatic times of my life. I had it during the summer which made it extra terrible. I felt like the "Elephant Girl" hiding my calamine lotion face from the world. The neighborhood kids would tap on my window to try and see me and yes, some parents asked to expose their kids to the germs and my mom obliged them. Remember, we did not have a vaccine for the chickenpox back then. I was miserable and itchy and hot. The highlight of that time was when our Palm tree caught on fire and cute firemen came to my house to put it out. I ventured out to see "what happened" and forgot that I was covered with calamine lotion polka dots until I saw the amused looks on the firemen and neighbor's faces. I ran back into the house humiliated and vowed that if ever there was a chickenpox vaccine, my kids would get it.

Now, I can't tell parents what to do and I know there's drama about vaccines and what can possibly happen to children. I feel for the parents that had issues with vaccines and their children. But enough people vaccinate to show that there is more good than harm to have it done. I'm sure that in the future, chickenpox will be a thing of the past and we can tell the stories of the "good ole' days" when we use to expose the whole neighborhood to chickenpox to get it over with.

Meanwhile, those who are still considering exposure, take a look at this picture and this one.

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