Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I just finished reading "Twilight", a teen vampire novel and it was amazing! I was recommended this book by my daughter's friend and since I'm pretty much obsessed with Vampires on film, I figured I would try reading about them. I read this book in a day and Stephenie Meyer added the first chapter of the 2nd book "New Moon", which made me hyperventilate. I checked "Twilight" out from the library and they had 112 copies and I was 187 on the list. It took a month but it was worth it. After finishing the book, I immediately went to Quality Paperback Books and bought all 4 books plus 2 more sci-fi fantasy ones @ $1.00 a book intro and am anxiously awaiting my order to arrive. This happened to me with Harry Potter as well. I checked out the book to see what the hoopla was about, loved it and bought the series. I also enjoyed the movies, but I digress.

I think my obsession with vampires is because of the romantic quality in which they are portrayed. The men are always devastatingly handsome (David Boreanaz, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, Alex O'Loughlin and Rick Springfield, remember "Forever Knight"?), oozing with sexiness, exotic and want to possess you forever. Although most of them turn ugly when they are feeding, they usually can be seen as the knight in shining armor for the heroine they are trying to possess. I think I've seen 75% of the vampire movies out there, good and bad. And just recently re-watched the full "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" series. My favorite vampire movie is "Lost Boys" and my hubby just bought the new one, "Lost Boys, The Tribe" which was o.k. but kinda lame in comparison. I really liked "Interview With a Vampire" as well and "Bram Stoker's Dracula" . Winona Ryder was amazing in that, although Keanu Reeves was typically Keanu. I watched the new series "Moonlight" on CBS and loved Mick St. John's character, but I just found out on a message board, that CBS just cancelled that series. They totally suck!! I guess I'll have to get my vampire fix from the new series coming up on HBO called "True Blood". Hopefully it's not hokey, it's based in a southern Louisiana town. At the Comic-Con my hubby got me a t-shirt that says, "Friends don't let friends, drink friends" to advertise Tru-Blood, a synthetic blood beverage for vampires.

I just rented "30 Days of Night" so while I'm still in a vamp mood, I'm gonna go check it out!

If you want to know another person's opinion about the Vampire craze, check out Vampires,why the obsession? on

Sunday, August 10, 2008

So I'm sitting here procrastinating and I decided to write 100 things you may or may not know about me. We all get those questionaires by email and fill them out, but come on, do you really want to know if I like croutons or bacon bits? (croutons). So since I should be doing constructive things, I will waste time and anyone who cares, the following are 100 facts about me! 1. I put soy sauce on my eggs. 2. One of my favorite words is plethora. 3. I use to have a webpage devoted to Twinkies. 4. I love wood. 5. I'm addicted to the game Zuma online, but I can't get past level 5...grrr. 6. I want to swim with dolphins before I die. 7. I have hazel green eyes that change color depending on my mood. 8. I love chocolate, but not with fruit except for bananas and strawberries. 9. I love Girards Italian dressing. 10. My favorite restaurant is California Pizza Kitchen. 11. I HATE Mayonaise, but I can eat it mixed lightly in food. 12. I HATE Miracle whip more and cannot be near it ever. 13. I think Kermit the frog is cool. 14. One of my nicknames is frogbreath. 15. I met my husband of 22 yrs. on a blind date. 16. I can't stand worms or anything wormy. 17. I order caramel frappucinos with whip at Starbucks, but don't like coffee. 18. I love all animals, even snakes. 19. I used to own a horse named Mariah. 20. My favorite colors are turquoise blue and fuchsia. 21. I was a vegetarian when I was pregnant. 22. I played a Hollywood Blonde in the musical Gypsy in High School. 23. I was an extra in the 80's series "Dynasty". 23. The first boy I kissed was named John. 24. I am a hopeless romantic. 25. I love to rollerskate. 26. I have a scar on my right pinky. 27. I think Tito's Tacos meat and cheese burritos rock and their salsa is the best. I am still trying to copy the recipe somehow. 28. I want to hold a tiny monkey one day.
29. I use to speak fluent Japanese. 30. I was a Girl Scout and now I'm a Girl Scout Leader. 31. It bothers me when the toilet paper roll is facing backwards. 32. I hate ignorant people. 33. I use to be a lead singer in a rock band. 34. I love Winnie the Pooh in every shape and form. 35. Anything sparkly distracts me. 36. I love Falafel King Falafels. 37. I've seen the movie Grease 50 times or more. 38. I love Bon Jovi and have all their albums. 39. I touched Rick Springfield's leg. 40. I've watched a horse birthing a foal at horse camp. 41. I love cheese, but not the stinky ones. 42. I can listen to Tori Amos all day long. 43. I would love to sing a duet with Sting. 44. I've dressed up as a deck of cards as a child for Halloween and won 1st prize. 45. I still live in the 80's sometimes. 46. I've been deeply, head over heels in love only once. 47. I cry everytime I see ET and Titanic. 48. All my toes are symmetrical. 49. I can drive stick shift. 50. I love to sing. 51. White peaches are my favorite fruit. 52. I love the Victorian era. 53. Heath bars are my favorite candy bars. 54. Creme Brulee is my favorite dessert. 55. I can do a cartwheel. 56. I hiked all the way to Vernal Falls in Yosemite. 57. I've never ran out of gas in my own car. 58. My oldest friend has known me since Jr. High. 59. I had a huge crush on my Jr. High teacher named Mr. Woods. 60. I think pirates are hot. 61. I wore pink at my wedding. 62. I've been to a cemetary in Louisiana. 63. I've lived in a 26 room mansion in Springfield, Massachusetts. 64. Woodstock is my favorite Peanuts character. 65. I know all the words to the star spangled banner by heart. 66. I still remember my Jr. High locker combination. 67. Fresh brewed Ice tea is my favorite drink, and peach snapple 2nd place. 68. I like my steaks medium rare. 69. I use to write depressing poetry. 70. I was a wannabe surfer when I was in Jr. High. 71. I am obsessed with Vampire shows. 72. I've owned 5 dogs in my lifetime and trained all of them. 73. My first car was a black 69 Chevelle named Sting bought with a tax refund check. 74. I've met some of my internet friends in person (irl). 75. My sister lived in Alaska for 4 yrs. 76. I was born in Tokyo, Japan. 77. I hate bad spellers. 78. I can type 65-70 wpm. 79. I can't go a day without music. 80. I really like to dance, but I'm not great at it. 81. I am secretly in love with David Boreanaz. 82. I like lime and chili powder on my watermelon. 83. I don't like lamb meat. 84. I like Japanese food a lot. 85. I love shoes. 86. I own thousands of pairs of earrings, some from the 80's. 87. It irritates me a lot if someone kicks my chair. 88. I am very impatient. 89. I like bees (duh!) 90. Boston Creme Pie is my favorite pie. 91. I believe in ghosts, aliens and fairies. 92. I don't believe in politicians. 93. I love the water in any form. 94. I want to live in Hawaii. 95. I've broken my toe. 96. I like to read fantasy books. 97. My favorite old movie is Wuthering Heights. 98. I had braces when I was pregnant. 99. We chose Amanda's name before we even tried to have a baby. 100. I am a Queen Procrastinator!!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Pat Benatar is the QUEEN OF ROCK!

On August 1st, hubby and I ventured past the Orange Curtain to the O.C. Fair , Pacific Amphitheatre to see a wonderful Ladies of the 80's concert which included Patty Smyth from Scandal, Berlin and Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo . It took us 3 hrs. to get there on a busy Friday and we missed the first part of Patty's set, but our seats were AWESOME!! We were pretty much 5th row and we can see the sweat on their brow. Patty still looks good and had a lot of energy. Her voice wasn't as strong, but we forgave her because of her interaction with the audience. She ran into the seats, hubby got in a "high five". She ran across the amphitheatre like crazy. Next came Terri Nunn and Berlin. We know that she always puts on a great show so we were busy snapping away with our 12x Panasonic HD digital camera getting some beautiful shots. She did an amazing version of Starship's "Somebody to Love" and a sexy version of Marilyn Manson's "Dope Show". She was so beautiful and joyous when she sang and she did come out into the audience but further away from us so no high fives this time. Her set was short, but we were awaiting the Queen's arrival. I told hubby that I thought she would open with All Fired Up and she sure did!! She looked amazing, see the photo above and hubby was wailing on the guitar. She did most of her songs from In the Heat of the Night, but did a b-side called "Fall Back" acoustically and it sounded amazing!! Then a great surprise was when she called Terri out for a duet on "We Belong". She had all of us hold up our cellys and wave them and it looked like twinkling stars!! She sang "Hell is for Children", explaining that she sings that at every concert to make everyone aware of the plight of child abuse and to never forget the children. And of course as an encore, she rocked "Heartbreaker" and Neil stayed on stage with gratuitous leads and the intro to the "Godfather" theme! I wish they could've played all night, they barely touched their music repertoire. It was an amazing night and we were happy, sweaty and re-living the 80's!!!