Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I just finished reading "Twilight", a teen vampire novel and it was amazing! I was recommended this book by my daughter's friend and since I'm pretty much obsessed with Vampires on film, I figured I would try reading about them. I read this book in a day and Stephenie Meyer added the first chapter of the 2nd book "New Moon", which made me hyperventilate. I checked "Twilight" out from the library and they had 112 copies and I was 187 on the list. It took a month but it was worth it. After finishing the book, I immediately went to Quality Paperback Books and bought all 4 books plus 2 more sci-fi fantasy ones @ $1.00 a book intro and am anxiously awaiting my order to arrive. This happened to me with Harry Potter as well. I checked out the book to see what the hoopla was about, loved it and bought the series. I also enjoyed the movies, but I digress.

I think my obsession with vampires is because of the romantic quality in which they are portrayed. The men are always devastatingly handsome (David Boreanaz, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, Alex O'Loughlin and Rick Springfield, remember "Forever Knight"?), oozing with sexiness, exotic and want to possess you forever. Although most of them turn ugly when they are feeding, they usually can be seen as the knight in shining armor for the heroine they are trying to possess. I think I've seen 75% of the vampire movies out there, good and bad. And just recently re-watched the full "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" series. My favorite vampire movie is "Lost Boys" and my hubby just bought the new one, "Lost Boys, The Tribe" which was o.k. but kinda lame in comparison. I really liked "Interview With a Vampire" as well and "Bram Stoker's Dracula" . Winona Ryder was amazing in that, although Keanu Reeves was typically Keanu. I watched the new series "Moonlight" on CBS and loved Mick St. John's character, but I just found out on a message board, that CBS just cancelled that series. They totally suck!! I guess I'll have to get my vampire fix from the new series coming up on HBO called "True Blood". Hopefully it's not hokey, it's based in a southern Louisiana town. At the Comic-Con my hubby got me a t-shirt that says, "Friends don't let friends, drink friends" to advertise Tru-Blood, a synthetic blood beverage for vampires.

I just rented "30 Days of Night" so while I'm still in a vamp mood, I'm gonna go check it out!

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Lise said...

I have to totally agree and the whole vampire craze comes in waves. I've been a vamp lover since I was around 12, so we're talking 38 years ago and there's definite cycles that the fascination hits. Like you, sooo disappointed by the demise of Moonlight, it really was going places, even if Mick hadn't really gone there with Beth; True Blood has great promise, albeit its a little more monsterish than Moonlight or Forever Knight (my absolute fave from the 90s, a little dated but Nick, Lacroix and Vachon...hmmm). Loved Twilight, it exceeded my expectations moviewise, loved all the books as well. It just gives me an added extra thing to be excited by in life, can't explain it! Great to read your post Hunnybee! xxx

Hunnybee said...

Thanks for the comment Lise. I was transferring my myspace blogs over to my actual blog so it was a nice surprise to get your comment already! I loved the movie Twilight and although I liked the love story of True Blood, there was way too much gratuitous sex on the show, that it made it hard to watch. A friend of mine's daughter played the daughter of the redheaded waitress. When she called us to say she was on the series, I was like "What???" because of all the sex. I'm still sad about Moonlight. You'd think with all the "Twilight" movie hoopla, they would have a captive audience. Thanks for reading Lise and visit anytime!