Thursday, August 07, 2008

Pat Benatar is the QUEEN OF ROCK!

On August 1st, hubby and I ventured past the Orange Curtain to the O.C. Fair , Pacific Amphitheatre to see a wonderful Ladies of the 80's concert which included Patty Smyth from Scandal, Berlin and Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo . It took us 3 hrs. to get there on a busy Friday and we missed the first part of Patty's set, but our seats were AWESOME!! We were pretty much 5th row and we can see the sweat on their brow. Patty still looks good and had a lot of energy. Her voice wasn't as strong, but we forgave her because of her interaction with the audience. She ran into the seats, hubby got in a "high five". She ran across the amphitheatre like crazy. Next came Terri Nunn and Berlin. We know that she always puts on a great show so we were busy snapping away with our 12x Panasonic HD digital camera getting some beautiful shots. She did an amazing version of Starship's "Somebody to Love" and a sexy version of Marilyn Manson's "Dope Show". She was so beautiful and joyous when she sang and she did come out into the audience but further away from us so no high fives this time. Her set was short, but we were awaiting the Queen's arrival. I told hubby that I thought she would open with All Fired Up and she sure did!! She looked amazing, see the photo above and hubby was wailing on the guitar. She did most of her songs from In the Heat of the Night, but did a b-side called "Fall Back" acoustically and it sounded amazing!! Then a great surprise was when she called Terri out for a duet on "We Belong". She had all of us hold up our cellys and wave them and it looked like twinkling stars!! She sang "Hell is for Children", explaining that she sings that at every concert to make everyone aware of the plight of child abuse and to never forget the children. And of course as an encore, she rocked "Heartbreaker" and Neil stayed on stage with gratuitous leads and the intro to the "Godfather" theme! I wish they could've played all night, they barely touched their music repertoire. It was an amazing night and we were happy, sweaty and re-living the 80's!!!

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