Friday, June 25, 2010

We All Just Wanna Be Big Rockstars

Circa 1984, I was a Rockstar for a brief shining moment. I was asked to front my then boyfriend, now husband's band Ariasonic, after their long haired, screaming singer quit the band. Click the link if you want a good laugh. You can listen to our music and see our music video that hubby recently edited together. We even have an album! Remember those? Round vinyl things that play music when a needle on it goes around and around? My hubby/guitarist was determined to make an album. It was actually an EP with only 5 songs on it, but it happened and he designed it from the logo, to the album cover. We considered ourselves high energy rock. It was the 80's, the time for music, we even had t-shirts made! A funny story, I was at the bus stop and saw this guy wearing our t-shirt. I didn't recognize him, so I asked where he got it. He looked at me strangely and I said I'm the lead singer of that band (Which if he was a fan, he would've known) and he answered that he got it from his cousin (Which was our bass player). Who knows if he even heard our music, hey free t-shirt! Our stardom was short lived as after we made the album, we tried to make a video and everyone slowly dropped out of the band.

I may not rock the mic anymore, but I still love to sing and perform whenever I can. Watch out karaoke night! I will always remember my AquaNet days fondly and my daughter loves to crack up at our old pictures! Dad is wearing eyeliner! I've always loved music and loved to sing. I want to remember my glory days like the ladies from "Mamma Mia" and Rock Out, not rock in the rocking chair!

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