Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hi I'm Weird, Nice to Meet You!

It seems I've been having problems putting my Freedom Friday confessions up on Fridays. Sorry for those of you who await my posts with bated breath.

I follow different blogs and most of them are from moms or artists and I came across this post from A Magical Childhood which was amazing. I loved the spirit of her daughter and made my teenage daughter read the post. Afterwards I asked my kidling what she got from the post. She said, "To not care what other people think". Then I asked her, is that how she feels? She answered, "Sometimes".

I wanted her to read it because she has issues with me embarrassing her. She thinks I'm too loud, that I talk with my hands too much, I'm too enthusiastic and that I'm a squeaky wheel because I will complain if I feel wronged. She also thinks that when me and my husband are together, we are weird. We tell her she is weird too, being our offspring, but she denies it. I have evidence of her weirdness, but I am kind enough not to post it because she's in her sensitive teen years, but if she doesn't watch herself, things will be discovered!

I had a great imagination in Elementary School and tried to be normal in Jr. High. I started being really weird in High School. I was in Musical Theatre and we were always singing and dancing and hugging each other. We didn't care what people thought, we were the "Weird Theatre Kids". I had lots of friends who liked to be weird with me and we spent many hours blowing bubbles, bowling in our pajamas and taking crazy photos.

After High School, I got into the work force where I had to contain my weirdness, although I did work at a shop called "Freudian Slip" which was a very strange shop offering strange items. I felt I fit right in. My then boyfriend and I were very compatible because we loved to be silly and spontaneous. Everyday was a fun adventure and there was never a dull moment.

When I met my now husband, it took him awhile to figure me out. He was a more serious type but I was able to get him out of his shell and come over to the "Silly Side". 24 years later, we still enjoy being silly together and we have jokes that only we know and things that can make us crack up so much we can't breathe. Who says you have to be serious all the time? Levity makes the world go round. So go ahead and wear that wild and crazy hat out in public and let your Freak Flag Fly!

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