Thursday, June 01, 2006

White Trash Moms

Yesterday I was signing up my daughter for summer dance classes and was subjected to 2 very rude, white trash moms. We were in very close quarters as the dance studio office is very small and we were all there for the same reason. The employees were trying to sign up people and take care of their needs as quick as possible and MOST of us were waiting quietly until our turn came up. Barefoot WTM1 starts whining, "When is it going to be my turn?", then she starts yelling that she needs a smoke because she is having a nicotine fit. For 1, she doesn't need to yell because we are all so squished together our knees are practically touching. And 2, do we CARE that she needs a smoke? Sometimes people just give too much information as if anyone cares. WTM2 then yells at WTM1 that she only needs to register 1 kid and she has 3 to register, so she is going in front of her. Then WTM1 jostles over to WTM2 and tries to take her seat (there are 3 chairs and 2 benches across from the chairs) All this in a stuffy office with 100 degree heat glaring through the windows. WTM2 then proceeds to smack WTM1's butt very loudly and sends her back over to the other side. Now at this point I wanna smack BOTH of them but I'm being very calm and trying to ignore their antics. I have an anger management and patience problem and I am very proud of myself for not throwing down with both of them and actually sticking around to get the task done. Of course both their cell phones ring and we are subjected to their conversations about what they want for dinner and what they are doing later. Meanwhile WTM2's other kids are running in and out of the dance studio and whining to her.

I was trying to think of a beautiful island to compose myself, when it finally became my turn. When all was said and done, I realized I didn't have my check book to pay for the tuition and they were charging me for 2 months in advance to hold her place in class. I made the dreaded call to hubby to tell him about the small fortune we had to outlay today and basically his normal answer came, WE DON'T HAVE IT. I told him I would write a check against my credit line and then we can pay it back with normal tuition money when the time came. All that waiting and I couldn't finish what I came to do. I decided I would return when Mandabear's class was done, but being a compulsive worrier, I thought that possibly in another 1/2 hr. her classes would fill up and I would have to deal with a heartbroken daughter. I drove home, got my check and promptly returned relieved that WTM1 was gone. WTM2 however was still there chatting it up with the employees, making it harder for them to process paperwork and I had to get to the end of the line, even tho' I had to just bring a check. I really needed a reward because my patience was really being tested. My reward was having all the classes she needed being open. I have to say that it is not my nature to let loud, obnoxious, rude people monopolize a situation, but I did not want to jeopardize anything with my daughter's dancing future with the studio so I let it be. I guess I'm glad I did and then I can vent here on this blog. The rest of the day went downhill as well, but I guess once you have drama, more follows.

I am trying hard to turn over a kinder, gentler leaf but it's so hard in this world of inconsiderate people. I already see how I handle things affecting the way my kid handles her things. She's a yeller like her mom. She's impatient like her mom. She's easily frustrated like her mom. Her dad is like that too. If you're surrounded by these things, you can emulate it because that's all you know. I know that too well because this is the legacy my dad left to me, my sister and my brother. They do the exact same things. I hope one day we can break this cycle.

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