Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What's up with the bee thing?

Queen Bee
So back in the day when I first started chatting online on aol and mirc, I started using the nick Hunnybee, because I collected Winnie the Pooh stuff and I kinda acted like a bee...I was a Queen :) I was sweet (yeah right), I buzzed around frantically (very true) and beware of my sting!! The nick stuck and I have been using it ever since. When I had friends online they would send me bee stuff and I got quite a collection. Bees are interesting creatures. They are the only animals that provide their own food source (honey). They are not designed to fly, with their big bodies and little wings, but yet they do somehow. I feel I've overcome adversity in my life somewhat so I can relate a little bit to that. Their only goal in life is to serve their queen and then they die. I serve my Princess Mandabear. They also die when they sting, so they save it for something very important. If anyone messes with my Mandabear, they will surely feel my sting. (don't call me Shirley!). If you wanna know more, you can go here --> Why Do Bees Fly?

I had a lot of good and bad experiences with chatting and the internet and this blog is my way of easing back in without it consuming my life like it used to in the past. I use to spend hours chatting, making websites and researching stuff. Hopefully I won't fall back into that trap as I am quite an obsessive/compulsive personality. I'm hoping this blog will help me purge stuff in my head, my heart, my life and that will let me continue getting through the days and possibly getting some sleep.

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