Friday, June 02, 2006

I Just Wanna Dance!!

Mandabear and I went to the Performing Arts Middle School she is going to in the fall to watch a dance production and it was AMAZING!! It was hard to believe that the kids were just in 7th and 8th grades. There were some 6th Graders and you can really tell the difference of skill level. Miss Heidi told Mandabear today at school and I decided to check it out, seeing as there is so much drama about the "neighborhood" with hubby o' mine. The show was about all the progressions of dance and they did the typical hip hop, jazz and ballet as well as belly dancing, tango, praise and even the Charleston!! The production was colorful, fun and continuous. I was exhausted just watching it by the end of the night. Miss Heidi also introduced us to some of the staff and it made Mandabear feel really excited about attending school. She was really worried at first because of missing her friends, but this show blew here away and she realized that she wanted to do that too!! And I want her to do that, and I WANT TO DO THAT!!! or at least be around it, which I'm sure I will. My heart was so full of joy when we got home. Dancing and singing just bring me so much joy, either doing it or being immersed in it. Hooray for the kids, dancing endlessly with no A/C in 90 degree heat in the auditorium. Thanks so much for putting your hearts and souls into the work!! What great role models!!

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