Thursday, June 08, 2006

It's Hard Finding the Perfect Dress!!

I am so excited that my daughter finally found a dress for her upcoming culmination from Elementary School. Sunday we closed down the mall and I was so frustrated and grumpy because we couldn't find ANYTHING. She tried on a couple of dresses, but she wanted a "dress up" dress. She liked this white dress, but it looked like a communion dress and I didn't think white was appropriate for the occasion. We finally gave up and came home empty handed, with sore feet and a headache. I figured I would try again somewhere else besides the mall. Yesterday we ended up going to the mall again for a completely different reason, but I think fate stepped in. We went to Libby Lu's to buy some high top tennis shoes for her to wear with her hip hop costume for the dance recital. I decided to check out some stores in the little section where Libby Lu was located, and we found QT Kids which had a plethora of "dress up" dresses in every color imaginable!!! We went over the rainbow and found the pot of gold. Thank goodness the dresses were reasonably priced as well. Of course the first dress she picked, they didn't have her size. But then she picked it again in blue and LOVED it. I asked her to try on a few more just in case, and of course I liked the other ones better in blue, pink, and purple. In the end, we took the original blue dress and she was in heaven. She loved trying on the dresses and swirling around. Now finding shoes was hard. I still need to look for more. I bought her a pair but I think they are too casual. I can now cross off another thing off my list and try to get some sleep. I can't believe in 2 weeks my baby is going to leave elementary and head to middle school....aaaaaaaaaack. Where is my baby??? When did she grow up??? I can't stand it.

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