Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Hubby is so Cool!

When we were first dating, I was the adventurous one and he was the creature of habit. Strawberry ice cream to my chocolate malted crunch, his hamburgers to my falafel and it was fun to help open his eyes to new things.

When we got married, he stayed in the same job forever and ordered the same things at restaurants and didn't stray much from the "safety" of his comfort zone. I took dance classes, sang karaoke, went white water rafting and hung out with the girls.

A few years ago, something happened to my safe hubby. He started to bloom and got interested in acting and film making. While he was acting, he met other actors. From those actors, he made new friends and from those friends he networked and found more people that had similar interests. He is now retired from his job and will be filming a movie short starring him and his friends. He wrote the script, casted it and will edit it himself. He starts filming next week.

What's funny about all this is, we switched roles. Now I come home and "cave" in my room. I don't really feel motivated to go out and do stuff unless I have to, or am prodded. I spend my weekends thinking of things I need to do, but don't really do them.

Last night, I was shockingly spontaneous and took my kidling and her friend to a concert at a record store in Hollywood and it was great. Next week, there is another one, but I don't have anyone to go with, and I'm thinking I may just go alone. I really want to be like the me from yesteryear, but I don't feel I have the energy or the gumption. If I can manage a happy medium, it might just work out. Nevertheless, I now see my hubby with new eyes, he's a go-getting, TCB kinda guy now. I'm kind of jealous of him. Does that make me a bad person?

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A Magical Whimsy said...

Hello Hunnybee!
Thank you for coming to my blog for the Mad Tea Party!
I have visited your blog before as I remember your hubby reminded me of Johnny Depp!
You are signed up for my giveaway and I have your email.
Teresa in California