Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Got Gypped!

I know Mother's Day was on the 8th and I wanted to post something but life again has gotten in the way.

My Mother's Day was just another Sunday. My daughter had a performance that day, so I drove her and her friends in the morning, then returned later on for the performance. I ate a microwaved breakfast and besides the uttering of "Happy Mother's Day" from my child and husband, it was uneventful. My friends did better than my own family, I received texts and greetings on Facebook.

I was a poor daughter as well, because I didn't call my mother or my sister to wish them well. I knew they were both going to be together because they live close, but after coming home from the performance, it slipped my mind.

I admit, I felt a little guilty, but again, my feelings were hurt that my family did not engage in the "typical" Mother's Day Celebration. Breakfast, flowers, sonnets of love declaring I'm the best Mom in the World! I miss the cheesy picture frames, pins made of puzzle pieces, ceramic trivets and clay hand prints of days gone by. When I mention this to my daughter, she replies, "Mom, I'm not in Elementary School anymore!". *Sigh* if only...

I guess if I really want to get even, I could just forget someone's birthday, or get my hubby a really fantastic, expensive gift for Father's Day and make him feel guilty. I guess I just need to realize that EVERYDAY is Mother's Day and remember the little things that make you smile the rest of the 364 days of the year!

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