Friday, July 30, 2010

Fun Food Time!

We are going to the O.C. Fair on Sunday to see a concert. We are going to see aging hair bands from the 80's Ratt and Dokken. Before the concert, we're hanging out at the fair because the ticket covers both

Why is it that when you are in a certain atmosphere, your mind and inhibitions go crazy and you eat stuff you wouldn't normally eat in the comfort of your own home?

You may never eat popcorn at home but when you're at the movies, you get the urge for buttered popcorn and Goobers and willing to pay a fortune for them. The last time we were at the fair, we had a funnel cake with the works, hubby had a Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich (It was surprisingly good!) and I had to try the deep fried Twinkie (Not worth the money). I even took a picture of some guy's deep fried frog legs he ordered (We were NOT that bold). I heard on the radio that they have deep fried pizza, ice cream and even butter! How the heck do you eat deep fried butter, that's just gross. I guess anything that can be battered and fried is fair game.

At Disneyland I've walked around with a giant turkey leg, you MUST have the Dodger dogs at the game and of course you can't forget the churros that always smell so good. Novelty foods make your experience more enhanced. Where else can you get cotton candy as big as your head?

Next time you are at an amusement park, festival, or game, go ahead and get that giant corn dog. It'll be the only one you'll have all year, so enjoy it!

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