Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Shake Your Groove Thang!

Tonight our Girl Scout Troop sponsored a Disco Night and it was a blast. We were all "Dancing Queens" from the little kindergarten Daisies to the teen Queen Cadettes, everyone was in their disco finest, wearing their boogie shoes and dancing the night away, at least for an hour. We started off with "Ladies Night", some of the younger girls weren't sure about the darkness and the strobe lights, but pretty soon, they started dancing like crazy. We were taking these crazy paparazzi pics in the dark and trying to figure out if the pics will come out. My daughter borrowed my flashing shoes and boogied on the dance floor. She found out first hand how your feet hurt after dancing in high heels. The girls were very creative with their outfits and a lot of sequins died for their clothes...ha ha. Overall, it was a success and we left sweaty and happy. Disco Rules!!!

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