Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Faith and Hope

My sister's dog is missing. He got out from the backyard and the whole weekend, she, her family and friends have been searching for him. He is her child, as are my dogs to me. People who don't understand this are not true pet lovers. You cannot have a pet and not have it become part of your family. I don't care if it's a fish, hamster, dog, horse or lizard. THEY ARE OUR BABIES!!!

The most heartbreaking thing about this is you feel so helpless. The unknown is so scary. You are hoping he is with a nice family that is taking care of him and he is cozy and warm, but missing his family. You see the cold outside and the potential of snow and the worry washes over you like a cloud. The house feels empty and looking at your children's faces, the heartache begins again. I think it is worse when your pet is lost than when it passes. Don't get me wrong, your heart breaks into a million pieces when your pet crosses the rainbow bridge, but when it's lost, you are constantly in a state of wondering. He is well taken care of, had a collar and is microchipped. If you found him, you would know that he was from a home that loved him. You should WANT to have him returned to his family. When you find a pet that is lost, you must do everything possible to get them back to their family. You can't be so selfish to keep the pet, knowing that somewhere a family is torn apart with worry and guilt and sorrow.

I am sending good thoughts out into the universe. I have hope and faith that the love of this family for their furbaby will be rewarded with him returning. I am not a religious person and I don't pray, but if it takes prayer to help my sister and her family, I will do it. I love them that much!

If you are reading this blog and are within the area where he was lost, please pass this onto any social networks you are on. Let's bring Mickey home to his family. We are waiting for him. Thanks so much for reading this.

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