Thursday, August 02, 2012

10 Days Sugar Free?

Yesterday was my first day without processed sugar. I'm sure some passed my lips in the form of other foods, but I tried to consciously not take in any sugar. It was o.k. I had to think before I ate, which is a good thing. Of course that didn't stop me from consuming salty things. That'll be another time, baby steps.

I decided I'll try to stop processed sugar to see if it really has any effect on me. I've given myself 10 days and if I do feel better, I can add more days. I eat emotionally and mostly in the form of candy and chocolate. I'm lucky that I don't drink soda, although the McDonald's Sweet Tea is my best friend and enemy!

I am planning to do my lab tests soon and hopefully that'll help my doctor see if I need my thyroid medication dosage raised or reduced. I'm thinking raised. I have to find out about this massive fatigue issue I have. Again, baby steps.

I'm bummed because my puppy jumped on me last night and now I'm having a hard time turning my head to the right and lifting my right arm. It's painful and annoying. I've taken some ibuprofen and hopefully that'll kick in soon. I'm also starting to take calcium because I read it helps with RLS which I've been having a lot of lately. Also, since I found that I'm lactose intolerant and drinking Almond Milk, I'm not getting as much dairy calcium as I'm used to.

O.K. off I go to work, day 2 of my journey. I'm hoping the stress level will be minimal today!

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