Friday, June 18, 2010

V for Victory, not Violence!

Before I start my confession, can I just vent?? I live in L.A. and the Lakers are pretty much heroes in our town. Whenever we have the playoffs and finals, you can see the purple and gold wearing, flags flying, sports bar hanging people around, which is fine and dandy until you mix the alcohol and violence. Last year we had a riot outside the Staples center for a victory at an away game. This year, we had a home game and the cops were ready with the riot squad whether we won or lost, but the fools still set stuff on fire, injured people and damaged property. I was watching the news last night after the game and saw bloody innocent bystanders, cars being vandalized and set on fire and bottles thrown at cops. Can you imagine if any celebrities were injured, how this would impact the way things are handled? The fans suffer and the ones doing the foolishness are not true fans, just troublemakers looking to be on the news. Is this any way to spread the joy of the win??? So in my book, Laker wins are bittersweet. Enthusiasm is good, vandalism is not. Lets see what happens at the parade on Monday!

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