Friday, May 28, 2010

I Can Quit Anytime!

O.K. it's Friday again and it's time for another confession. I was watching a re-run of Dr. Phil recently and he was scolding a mom who was addicted to Farmville on Facebook. Her family complained that she was on the computer night and day, she would tend to her "crops" and not make dinner or let the kids go on the computer to do school work. The family had gotten to the point that they would unplug the router so she wouldn't have internet to get online. Dr. Phil asked her why the game was more important than her family. She said she felt needed, taking care of her farm. He then asked her why didn't she grow a "real" garden and share the time with the family and actually have something to show for it instead of wasted time. She didn't have an answer. That lady has issues!

O.K. onto my confession. I am addicted to taking care of my virtual pets. I have 2 frogs like the picture shown above on Superpoke Pets. I also take care of my daughter's monkey and husband's various pets he started so I could get more coins for my Frogs and buy more stuff. After reading the previous sentence, I do sound a little crazy. Let me explain. Everytime you play, feed, take care of or decorate for your pet you get virtual coins. Every time you play with your friend's pets you get coins. You can also plant a garden and harvest it and get coins. There is a shop where at midnight on Wednesday, you can shop and buy things, usually with a theme for your pets. Now, I admit, I would stay up till midnight most shopping days so I can get stuff for my pet and the other pets. But, since SPP is based on the west coast, the east coasters and people around the world got it worse because it's waaay later there. Starting this week, they changed the shopping time to 7:00 pm pacific time, which is more managable but I forget because it's so early.

I usually play with my pets early in the a.m. or late at night, but lately have been playing with them at work as well..shh. My family thinks it's a joke and my daughter has posted quotes of me saying that "Her monkey would be sitting in filth if I didn't take care of it". I enjoy playing with my pets and decorating their habitat. If you look at my scrapbook, you can tell what kind of mood I'm in by the decorating.

I have to say that I am not to the "EXTREME" when it comes to my pet. I do not actually use REAL MONEY to buy virtual stuff for my virtual pet. In the shop, they have GOLD items which are purchased with real money. Of course the stuff is amazing and animated and oh so cute, but I haven't crossed that line yet. I have been awarded gold items and kind people have gifted me stuff, but I have not purchased anything, nor do I plan to. I guess on that note, I'm not totally obsessed.

I also have 2 aquariums on Facebook. The Happy Aquarium and Fish World are my virtual tanks. You clean them, feed them, get them props and play with the other fish. In the Happy Aquarium, the fish are sad when they are dirty and not fed. In Fish World, the fish die and float around the tank. You can choose to flush them or have a friend revive them. I started an account for my daughter so she can revive my fish, I know it's sad.

So now you know my secret, but I do not let my pets rule my life. Check out Superpoke and maybe adopt your own bunny or pig, or dragon. Fish tanks make you happy, they also have soothing music that plays. Talk to my husband about Rock Star and Dead or Alive if you want to see someone obsessed! He can't judge me, I'm just sayin!

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