Friday, May 21, 2010

Doodle Dee Doo

I've decided that I was going to make Friday's blog entries, "Freedom Fridays" where I would confess something and then try to explain. Today's confession is that I'm a compulsive doodler! I draw little pictures on my pad at work, junk mail and any paper that happens to be lying around. I usually doodle vines and flowers and swirls, but I've been known to put a spiderweb in a corner or draw a repetive pattern. I like to draw fancy hearts and stars and usually add polka dots to everything.

When I was younger, I use to decorate all my letters to penpals and notes that I passed in class with doodles that covered most of the paper. I had a 5 color Bic Click pen so you could be colorful. I was also obsessed with fonts (I still am) and checked out fancy books from the library to try and copy the lettering.

My daughter and her friends have decided that receiving mail is pretty cool. I looked at a recent letter she received and her friend had drawn things on it and it made me smile. I'm glad that the art of writing on paper is not dead.

I found some sites that interpret your doodles. In the U.K. next year, they even have a National Doodle Day.

The next time you mindlessly draw something, take a look at it and try to remember what you were feeling or thinking about when you drew it. The subconcious is a magical thing!

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