Friday, April 30, 2010


Yesterday was a very blustery day where I live. Things were blowing around and you suddenly saw many things that didn't belong where they landed. Parts of billboard advertisements flapping in the wind, a child's sock on a car hood, plastic bags as ornaments on trees.

While driving home, I was fascinated with watching this black plastic bag swirling and dancing in the wind. Yes, I said dancing. It swooped so gracefully, soared and then pirouetted as if it was dancing with the wind as its partner. I was mesmerized until the car behind me honked and brought me back to reality.
I'm told that I have a great imagination. As a child I use to create storybook lands on the playground with my friend Inger. We used to ride on horses through a magical forest, live in a cave on the 4 square court and hunt for food at the lunch tables. She was an excellent artist and we would put our stories down on paper then she would illustrate them. I wish I still had them to show to my daughter.

I have another friend from High School whom I really had nothing in common with except the fact that we both loved whimsical things. We would write notes to each other in invisible ink, she would doodle frogs, fairies and unicorns on the outside of the notes. We would have picnics in the park, blow bubbles and name our goldfish crackers before we ate them. We would bake massive amounts of cut out sugar cookies in silly shapes like roosters and horses, decorate them and give them away. We are still friends, but she now does silly things with her little one but now and then a wave of silly would pass over one of us and something would be delivered to our mailboxes.

I like my imagination. I like that I can visualize creations and want to make them happen. I like seeing pictures in the clouds. I like being able to make up silly songs on the spur of the moment. I often see faces in tree branches, ceiling tiles and splotches on the ground. I've had friends who couldn't see what I see and guess what...we are no longer friends. The ones I keep are the ones with open minds, wide eyes and endless possibilities, who aren't afraid of jumping in rain puddles and coloring in coloring books. My hubby sometimes think I should put my feet on the ground and be more grown up, yes I should I suppose, But instead I stick my tongue out at him and chase the ice cream truck.

Excuse me now, so I can go pick up my kidling and embarrass her in front of her friends. I may just show up wearing my Superman Cape and roller skates!

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