Thursday, August 06, 2009

Why Don't They Want Me?

Last week, I sent out 25 resumes to various job postings online. I emailed my friends to "network" (aka beg) for any leads they may have for jobs. I even bought an "interview" outfit in case someone called, since I haven't been interviewed in 6 yrs. (That was a bummer too because I couldn't fit into my old clothes and it's not like we have extra money.) I feel rejected, depressed and defeated. I know, there are many people out there that are unemployed and looking for jobs as well, some longer than I have. I can't help but feel unwanted and guilty. I am a viable asset, I have many skills. Yes, I'm not as young and vibrant as I used to be, but I'm not a dinosaur! In the 80's I worked in retail and I was stolen from stores because of my talents. In the 90's I left retail and became an administrator/management and have kept those jobs years at a time. Now in the age of technology, you don't have to look for signs and knock on doors, you just type something, attach something and send it out into the ether and hope that you're not 1 of 1000 other people with the same hope! I'm not an optimist by nature and everday when I see my "empty" inbox, it drags me down further. I was driving by Taco Bell the other day and they are hiring. Do you want hot or mild sauce?

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