Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let's Play!

I was being silly tonight on Facebook with a friend from High School and it was fun! We are both busy mothers but we haven't forgotten how to have some fun when the kids are asleep!

I'm reading a book by Robert Fulghum called, "What On Earth Have I Done?", which is a bunch of short essays of random musings. He has a chapter called "Play" and he explains how some people are players and some are not. He tells of being in a grocery store and cruising by a lady with oddball items in her cart and saying, "I like the groceries in your cart better than mine, want to trade?" She smiles, checks out his cart and says, "You got a deal!" They take each other's cart and roll away. Later on they meet at the checkstand knowing they would keep their original groceries, but they had a few moments of enjoyable madness. The lady knew the game, she was a player.

Much to my daughter's dismay, I am a player. She, being a teen is none too pleased with me when I "act out in public" as she calls it. I've sung songs to dogs in Santa outfits, showed other moms how to do a booty shake in the foyer of the YMCA, hula hooped in Target and other various embarrassing things. But the difference between me and her, I don't care what people think. If someone joins me, all the better. I have a friend that did the conga while singing "Copacabana" while she was being filmed by her daughter's friend and it was wonderful!

Why do children corner the market on being childish? Who says we have to be old fogies? Peter Pan had the right idea, "I won't grow up".

So go ahead and color with the 64 pack crayons, it's alright to blow bubbles and eat ice cream till you get a tummy ache. The world is a crazy place, but there's always time for play, so spin and spin and fall down, then laugh uncontrollably. It'll do you some good!

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I love this! <3